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New Construction Home with a 3% down payment!
The 3% down payment for your new home simply transfers to a FHA or conventional financing down payment for the end loan.


This exciting program from Sherco Construction makes purchasing a custom home easy and affordable. Start construction on a new $300,000 home with only $9000 down. Sherco will guide you through the building process and end with a happy closing on your brand new home! Watch our videos to learn more. Sherco helps buyers enjoy new homes in Twin Cities and the surrounding area.

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The Brookside

Sherco Construction is a custom home builder helping buyers purchase the home of their dreams!  A custom home is one that we help you design. It's your one of a kind plan. We then build the home for you.

For a quarter of a century, Tom Carlisle has had the vision and the opportunity to build quality homes at a fair price. With a background as a master carpenter, Tom understands what it takes to construct a well built home.

He founded Sherco Construction back in 1994 and has built over one hundred homes for familes who demand nothing less than absolute quality and craftsmanship. Tom is proud that many of his clients become repeat customers, building their second and third homes with Sherco Construction.

Sherco Construction are proud members of the Builders Association of the Twin Cities, Builders Association of Minnesota and the National Association of Home Builders. 

The Brookside and
The Mahogany were on
the Parade of Homes!

Heritage Hills Development is home for our newest model. 24 lots available! Home packages start in the mid $200,000’s. The 2014 Model was on the Parade of Homes!
Click here to view Heritage Hills Map.

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3DownHomes - The Program

Use FHA Loans to purchase New Construction Homes in Twin Cities, Scott, MN| First time home buyers use FHA loans to buy Brand New Custom Homes in Scott, Carver, Jordan, Shakopee, Prior Lake, and Chaska, MN |New Construction Homes in the Twin Cities thru FHA loans| Buy new construction homes with FHA loans in Scott and Carver Counties in MN | Purchase a new Twin Cities custom home with an FHA loan
Dreaming of building a new custom home in Scott County near Jordan, MN or Chaska, MN in Carver County?

Save money by building a new construction custom house in Scott County and the Twin Cities suburbs of Jordan, Carver, Chaska, Prior Lake, and Shakopee, MN without having to secure a construction loan to begin building your new home.

Wondering how to get FHA existing home loans, USDA loans, and conventional loans on new homes construction?

Sherco Construction, a custom Twin Cities home builder builds new custom homes without requiring the buyer to secure construction financing.

Our Business:
We make it easy and affordable for home buyers in Carver and Scott Counties and the Twin Cities communities of Jordan, Shakopee and Prior Lake to start construction of a new home with as little as 3% down. This means you only need $7,500 for a $250,000 home package in order to begin building your new custom house.

Most banks, lending institutions and home builders would require buyers to have 20-30% upfront to secure a construction loan in Scott and Carver Counties and the Twin Cities of Jordan, Shakopee, Prior Lake, Carver and Chaska, MN. This translates to $40,000 to $60,000 in a savings account.

Together with Sherco, True Life Real Estate Solutions requires 3-5% down as earnest money to start building the new custom house. Once the house has certificate of occupancy, the builder sells it to the home buyer who can then close with end financing similar to buying a pre-existing home. The buyer purchases the brand new housewith 30 year FHA, USDA, and conventional loans.

With True Life Real Estate Solutions, people who have 3% of the purchase price down are not only limited to buying used houses in the market, but can also have the opportunity to purchase brand new homes!

Contact us today at (952) 393-5030 to find out how you can take advantage of this great deal!


1. The prospective buyer will work with an approved Sherco financing vendor to obtain a conditional approval prior to writing a purchase agreement on a Sherco home. Buyer will give Sherco new home construction budget that is supported by the conditional approval.

2. Sherco and the buyer will have a planning meeting to establish a house plan and begin the quotation process. Upon signing of purchase agreement for a new construction home build, the buyer will provide $500 for blue prints plus the 3% down payment. These are nonrefundable monies. The plan fee can be included in a closing cost request. The nonrefundable 3% down earnest money will be given to a Real Estate broker representing Sherco and placed in the broker trust account of the brokerage.

3. The house plans and purchase agreement will be sent to the financing vendor for appraisal prior to construction. Should the proposed house not appraise resulting in loss of financing, the buyer and Sherco will sign a cancellation and the earnest monies will be returned to the buyer. Upon successful closing, the 3% down payment money becomes down payment monies for end financing or if not needed for end financing will be returned to the buyer after a successful closing. In the event of cancellation other than the home meeting appraisal, the buyer forfeits the earnest money to Sherco Construction.

4. Upon a successful appraisal the buyer will contact the financing vendor and request a 120-180 rate lock. This ensures the financing plan at the start of the loan is going to be identical at the close and eliminates variability and loss of financing based on a variable market. Sherco Construction will begin construction once the rate lock is in place. The new home will have a certificate of occupancy in 90 to 120 days.

The Buyer and Sherco close on the newly constructed home per the terms of the purchase agreement. The buyer is happy and enjoys a new Sherco Home.

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